Zeo Mobile, first data share apk

This android app can be side loaded on Android 4.2 through 6.0
disable any apps granted the [Draw on other apps] privilege while installing.
go > [Settings] > [Apps] > [Gear] > [Draw over other apps]
  1. Look for any apps set to [-- yes --], stop or otherwise disable them.
  2. The Zeo Sleep Manager app should be installed before the ZeoCSV app.
  3. The Zeo Sleep Manager app should have at least one sleep record in its database.

 Tested share options include, email, file system, gdrive and others.

Zeo CSV 2012-08-06 - [Alvaro F Boirac] author of the ZeoCSV java.main routine in this apk
Open Zeo 2011-11-28 - [ Zeo Inc.] original source of the original ZeoCSV demo apk