Skreens HDMI, Exploring the ins and outs of this device

I go over the outside and inside of this device. And connect up an HDMI input and let it share screen space with a browser window hosted from the Skreens box. And various Android and iOS apps are used to show resizing and editing the layout. Not a tutorial.. just a tourist in wonderland.


Czur Scanner, Firmware Upgrade

This is a video about How to upgrade the Firmware on the Czur ET16 Scanner. It was very quickly put together since a few people reported problems upgrading their scanner. -- This is the procedure I followed in Real-Time, nothing is sped up.. and I'm quite verbose and explicit about what was done both before and after each step.


Skreens HDMI, RTMP streaming to YouTube

Ugly ducklings can fly. I just got a Kickstarter gadget that accepts four HDMI inputs and blends them into one HDMI output. That's Science Fiction enough.. but it also has WiFi and an Ethernet port and Broadcasts H.264 Live streams to YouTube over RTMP. (And) I didn't read a single document or quickstart to set it up. Its a truly horrid looking video, but fantastic that it works at all.. I can't wait till I fine tune the setup.