Nexus 5X, restore pre-Android 6.0 Mail, News & Weather

Here is how to restore/reinstall prior versions of the Email/Gmail and News & Weather apps running on Android 6.0 "M" or Marshmallow on the Nexus 5X phone.

Nexus 5X (2015-10-21)
Below is my Phone home page now. It includes the older News & Weather app, the older Email (w/Exchange support) and the newer Gmail app.

The News & Weather app version is version 1.3.01 (1301) called the "GenineWidget" it gets its network information from Weather.com and Google News. Both are stable sources of information so the app should continue to function, even if it is unsupported.

It comes from a forum discussion here Android Forums - Google News & Weather

The download link in that Thread is GenineWidget.apk 746.42 KB

To download it use a browser on the phone and then make sure the phone allows installing applications from "Unknown" sources and [Phone > Settings (gear icon) > Security > Unknown sources - "toggle to green"]

Then explore the download folder with something like "ES File Explorer" tap on the downloaded file and click "Install" to install it. You may have to uninstall the "native" app for News & Weather "first" but.. I had already removed the New appt as soon as I unboxed my phone. -- Its interface was unfamilar and I didn't have time to "re-learn" a new application I already relied on.

The old News & Weather app is very clean and contains no "Advertisements" the [Settings] ellipses (vertical dots) are located at the bottom of the News & Weather apps main window.

The old Email app [requires] the new Email "service" be disabled before the old Email "service" will install.

To do that you need to open [Phone > Settings (gear icon) > Apps > Settings (upper right corner veritcal dots)] and select the [Show system] (this is so that the "Google services" that normally do not show up in the Apps list, will show up.. then you can select the hidden Email service).

Scroll down and find one called "Email" press it and click "Disable" after its disabled uninstall and force stop will be disabled.

There are several repackaged Email apks for the old email client, many do not include "Microsoft Exchange" support. For example once they are installed, they only offer IMAP or POP email account support and no option for the Exchange email account support.

The old Email app is composed of [two] Android packages, once for the Exchange service and one for the Email application.

The one discussed here includes links to both pieces and is what worked for me:
AOSP E-mail (Last Active Version) | Nexus 6 | XDA Forums

To download the packages use a browser on the phone and then make sure the phone allows installing applications from "Unknown" sources and [Phone > Settings (gear icon) > Security > Unknown sources - "toggle to green"]

Then explore the download folder with something like "ES File Explorer" tap on the downloaded files and click "Install" to install it.

TWO: Important Tips!!

  • The Exchange Services apk needs to be installed "first" (and it will produce an error message after installing) then the Email apk. It's okay.. it will still work.
  • You will [Not] be able to click the "Install" button on the Screen!! To click it you will need to pair a Bluetooth keyboard.. like the Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard with Android support - Then hit the [tab] key to bounce from field to field (until) the [--INSTALL--] field lights up as having focus. Then hit the {enter} key and the install will proceed (this is true for both the Exchange Services.apk and the Email.apk).

IF you do not read this WARNING and do not know to [expect] the [--INSTALL--] button to not work from the phone screen, it will not install.

The download links are:

Exchange Services 6.2-1158763.apk - 1.10 MB

Email 6.3-1218562.apk - 5.73 MB

After the install the New Gmail app will continue to function as before, complete with "Roundy Icons" in the app.  Just make sure you do not have an "Exchange" account enabled in the New Gmail app.. I removed a prior Exchange account I set up before, but since the new integrated Exchange email services are disabled [now], it would probably crash the new Gmail app. Just treat them as separate applications and find them in the Application Drawer and long press to put icons for them on the home page.

Finally if you prefer not to install a Third Party Launcher.

You can still change the wallpaper of the home screen to something more neutral to compliment the icons on the home page and make them more accessible than hidden.

I use one from the Play store called "wallpaper" by fiskur.

The app installs a Hexagonal  icon in the Applications Drawer.


Activating it lets you select a color region and then "fine tune it" using your finger to create a swatch and then automatically apply it to the home page background by pressing the [ picture icon with a "+" ] in the upper right corner. [pic a hue on the vertical bar by touch, then swipe up and down on the main window to fine tune the actual color swatch to be used (the proposed color color swatch will surround the vertical bar and swipe pad in a luminiscent "glow")]

The result is when you return to your home page is the background has been changed to a solid color of your choosing.

The Nexus 5X is larger than the Nexus 5 by "one" icon row and "one" column.

There is also now a primary colored branding logo in the search box that has goofy kerning that says "Google" and the Microphone icon now has changing status colors with a scythe underneath its "neck".


Cacti, SMTP (13) Permission denied

If you install a new instance of Cacti and can't send email, SELinux may be enabled.

# setenforcing 0
# vi /etc/sysconfig/selinux 


Exchange 2010 EMS, fail, fail, connect


If your Exchange Management Console PowerShell shortcut (EMS) opens and tries to connect to a CAS multiple times, fails, then retries and succeeds.

[Immediately] suspect 'cruft' from add-on modules in the IISAdmin > Content > Explorer for the virtual folder for PowerShell in [web.config]

In this case it was leftover from an uninstalled module for Advanced Logging applications.

Exchange apparently timesout trying to load the module, or has other quality problems with the module and fails, it returns and randomly can eventually 'silently' fail to load the module and continue to provide a prompt.

But this can very confusingly and maddeningly leave you wondering why its taking so long, and there are [no] Event, IIS Logs or any other indications of problems.

I've seen this exact same thing in other contexts.. lesson Exchange depends on IIS but the bridge is very tenuous.. neither side appears to support the other very well with diagnostics.