Installing FCP7 on a 2007 Mac Mini

Final Cut Pro 7 (part of Studio 3) can be installed on a 2007 Macmini2,1 Intel Core 2 Duo running Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Tip!  A very important thing to know

If you run xrdp (or vnc) to remotely access your Mac, be (very) aware that the VRam reported by the video card will be incorrect if you do not have a "real" monitor plugged into the Mac. Or presumeably an EDID "emulator" to convince OSX it has a real monitor attached. (Errors) that will prevent application startup will occur even if the directions below are followed and no monitor is currently plugged in. minsys.plist adjusts the Blocking test during install, but the app also checks the available Vram when the app starts.. if no monitor is plugged in, it will report Zero (0) available and stop the app and quit. Plug in a monitor and the apps will go ahead and start... you can even view it on xrdp or vnc remote connection.. as long as a monitor or emulator is plugged into its graphics port.

Normally the Installer runs an app called (Requirements Checker.app) which requires at least 128MB vram on the graphics card to install.

However this is controlled by a plist file called minsys.plist

The installer can be copied from the install DVD to a folder on the Mac Mini, then Finder can be used to navigate to the [Install Final Cut Studio] alias, right-click the alias and choose

[Show Original]

Then right click on [FinalCutStudio.mpkg] and choose [Show Package Contents]

Then right click on [Requirements Checker.app]
 - this is a package with an unusual text document icon, choose  

[Show Package Contents]

Near the bottom of the list is [minsys.plist]

Right click on [minsys.plist] and choose [Open with...] [Other..] choose [TextEdit.app] Open

Search near the bottom for "AELMinimumRAM"

Search for <string>128</string>

Change 128 to 64

TextEdit > File >  Save
TextEdit > File > Close

Return to the top of the Folder containing the copied DVD Installer software and double click  [Install Final Cut Studio]

The install should now proceed as normal, the 2007 Mac Mini2,1 Intel Core 2 Duo will pass the requirements checker app.

[After install.. which may take several hours]

Upon first start up, it will inform you the vram of the system is not 128 and quit.

Go to the Applications directory and  find the [Final Cut Pro.app] package and right click then choose [Show Package Contents]

Then open [Resources] and search for [minsys.plist]

Perform the same TextEdit.app procedure to modify the [AELMinimumVRAM] key


And change it to


Save and close the file

Final Cut Pro should now start and query for the DV deck type you regularly use, accepting it but not having one connected will produce an error, but offer the choice to continue and completes the setup of the program. The NLE will then open.

You may need to the same procedure for other Final Cut Studio apps, but not all on an individual app basis, open the minsys.plist and set the value to 64 save and close. Then the app should open. Performance however cannot be expected to be up to the standards of supported video hardware.

[After the Final Cut Pro editor starts]

You can open [Final Cut Pro (menu)] > [Audio/Video Settings...] search for the [Video Playback:] selection and change it from the default to [None] to prevent a redetection failure for the DV deck type on each startup of the FCP app.

The requirements are set to optimize the user experience, not all functions and add-ons may operate as expected and this is not a supported method of install.

Additional DVD media and a legitimate Installation Serial Number will be required.

None of this will circumvent the need for a legitimate license for the product. I believe official product support for this product has now ended, but in any event, performing this procedure to install and use the product on unsupported hardware will not be supported by the manufacturer.