vdrvroot.sys fails to boot 0xc000000f

Came across a Windows 7 x64 laptop that would fail to boot, the error message was rather obscure and didn't help much.

I had a Corsair USB SSD drive with a copy of Macrium and its Microsoft DART "like" WinPE on it.

Used that to backup the hard disk contents

Then used the [Fix my Computer] option the backup program provides.

I didn't expect much.

It offered to rebuild the BCD and helpfully (prompted) for [which] volume to boot from.

Very much not like using the BCDedit program.

The defauft for an odd reason was pointed at the Recovery partition.

I unchecked that volume and checked the C:\ (or systremroot) volume.

Then let it continue.

I walked away and came back to a fully booted and waiting for password screen to start up the desktop.

A bit (shock and awe) that it was that simple.

The error message:

vdrvroot.sys fails to boot 0xc000000f

apparently is the "Virtual Device Driver for Root file systems" and the obscure BSOD Stop code 0xc000000f would appear to be pointing out that the bootable Volume pointed to by the BCD is wrong.