Google Maps, Custom Routing Paths

Finally it seems Google Maps allows choosing a custom route path, rather than merely offering a couple alternative Routes. It uses the [Via method] however it works from the [Thin (or "Vegan") Hambuger] verticle dot menu on the Upper right after choosing an inital destination.

Although its confusing. You pick [Add stop] which adds a Next destination option to the current destination. Then a [Pop-out] menu in-between the [Your Location] and [Final destination]. Basically click the 'unlabled' [Hollow] circle and this expands into a list of Editable intermediate destinations.

Its far from perfect.

First its hard to use until you know how to use it, and the documentation (such that it is) is frankly terrible... they should hire a real Writing Editor (as in a real living breathing 'Person'.. not auto spell check).

Second the ETA and stats on the journey are not updated for the entire journey, but [revert] to only the next destination.. treating this as a series of trips from one Via to the next Via.

It is editable in that you can change the Vias already in a journey.. but they are not draggable on the Map.


Google Maps, Try Again in a Few Minutes


Android 7.0 (patch Oct 5, 2016)  Maps abruptly can not Locate current position when Routing new Destination. - Solution (Google patch "disables" > Settings - System - Date & time - Automatic date & time ) slide to turn it green to "Turn it Back on!!!" after a few seconds it can calculate GPS coordinates again.

A symptom or "work-around"  for this is you can select your Location [ manually ] by tapping the Location box before pressing [ Route ] and choose to Pick your current location from a map, then press the GPS coordinate locator.. which uses the [ very same function!! ] and then it returns you to the routing screen and you can press [ Route ] and it will work.


Apple, leaving Los Cupertino

All things Apple used to be avante guard and simplicity in the making. But more and more its become by Apple developers and a store for Apple employees. Something material has been removed and I just don't feel compelled to look upon Apple products as a viable alternative anymore.

Its a hard realization to come to.. it used to be a Mac or an iPhone was an "all in one" it came with everything you needed. But the Privacy wars and the strange distractions to keep everything locked down and secret.. the terrible Update reliablity and almost predictable "failures" of its products has just made the high prices seem that much higher. I mean why pay more for "less".. sad day for me, why did it take so long for me to come to this conclusion?

I'm not saying Microsoft or Linux are really any better.. but at least its cheaper to throw them away.. or find a grand old version with.. [sigh] no further meddling Support Updates.. "I feel More Secure" without updates these days. Its almost helpful to be on a platform that Virus writers "can't target" because they don't know what your running.. you don't have any of those well known and "Published" exploits revealed in each Update.

The Updates are becoming hackers favorite "SDK malware kits" for new exploits and the Published "billions and billions Served" guarantees willing and able targets on a regular schedule. Where else can you get patch Tuesday, Second patch Tuesday, Patch Thursday with Zero-Day exploits and demo code to prove you need their Updates? This is insanity.. might as well get a cheap Chromebook and replace it every year or so.

But yeah.. Apple.. so long.. it was good to know you.. "until the next Steve Jobs" comes along and cleans house.