Sublime sfcb, granting access to wbem

Web management on Linux for servers and devices is pretty much the same as on Windows and elsewhere, it based on the WBEM protocol and a cimom server. It's kind of like SNMP and it maps inqueries over to those service providers too.

There are several cimom (common information management "object manager") daemons on Linux to choose from. The IBM Sublime opensource project Sblim sfcb (small-footprint, cimom broker) is one.

Installing it from # yum is simple

# yum install   --nogpg   sblim-sfcb   cim-schema   sblim-cmpi-*

But once its installed you need to grant permission to users to access the service.

This is done by adding them to a [  sfcb  ] group which isn't created by default.

# groupadd sfcb

Then create a user for the purpose

# useradd cimuser
# passwd cimuser

Then add them to the group

# usermod -G sfcb cimuser

Start the service

# service sblim-sfcb start

Test the service

#  wbemcli ecn https://cimuser:******@ -noverify