CAS 3.5.2, Ehcache and Shib

So the exploration continues

Finally resolved why the deployment.xml file for 3.4.11 doesn't work for 3.5.2 and got it working

Mostly its that the class used for LDAP support changed in the authenticator, I didn't really have a lot of good examples and the docs and tutorials seemed to be dated or tailored towards 3.4 or lower

I get the sense 4.0 and above are still experimental. But 3.5.2 has quite a bit to offer.

The big gambit is native Java RMI Ehcache for replicating tickets in the background, so that a front end loadbalancer can direct traffic across many severs or failover to a redundant CAS server without worrying that tickets issued by a downed server are unavailable for verification. As soon as they're made they are replicated to the other servers.

The next most interesting thing for tomorrow is to look at a cas-shib plugin for supporting shib federation. We already federate quite well with Eduroam.

Also have to make some time to look at ADFS services in Windows Server 2012, not sure how far along they are.. but with .net going open source and Xamarin getting the CLR docs finally.. the area is getting interesting again.