Cas 3.5.2, Ehcache

More or less a note to myself that Ehcache is working now.

Again poor documentation, like where to place the configuration file for the replication, or even where to get one.

After that, how do you tell that is is replicating?

The config file say to create a /cas/ folder to store the on disk tickets, but that's relative to the tomcat5 directory and then relative to the catalina_tmpdir which is in the /etc/tomcat5/tomcat5.conf file

Finally found it.. and the ticket cache was binary.

And then a dark hint that automatic versus manual discovery of partners (multicast vs unicast) could have performance issues.. and one of the alternatives like javagroups or hastelnut? might be better. Controversial.

Moving on to Casifying Shib or Shibifying Cas to get Federation.. mostly just an exercise.. why explore Shib before knowing the technology the Federation your joining actually uses?

I think it boils down to the web SaS.. does it prefer CAS or prefer Shib.. Shib seems less common, but then there are Cloud SAML providers to consider. My head is spinning.. would really like to just get back to some java or c coding for a while.. or a little python.. the simple stuff