Setting up Airpods Pro on Windows 7 - eliminating Yellow Exclaimation Cones Error 28

Airpods Pro are nice, and will pair with a Bluetooth Adapter on Windows 7, however there will be one Unidentified Bluetooth Device


Checking the device manager under Other devices will have an unmatched device for which there is no driver and Error 28

I do not know if this is proper, its based on 

Airpods windows 7 conection error "Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found"

Basically (this does work).

You have to find a source for the install package, for 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 7 for;

"Windows Mobile-based device support"

1. Install that

2. Then find that device and right click to update its device driver

3. Choose to navigate the Local system device drivers and wait for a complete list to compile

4. Scroll down to "Microsoft Corporation" and ignore the other surrounding "Microsoft" collections

5. Find "Windows Mobile-based device support" and choose that one to install for this device. Click on dismiss to continue to install it no matter what the warnings.

It will install a new service under the Device Manager : Bluetooth Radios, with no error or warning cones.

And it will decorate the "Devices and printers" object (for me); "John's AirPods Pro Properties" in the Hardware tab

With a new Device Function - Windows Mobile-based device support

And the Airpods Icon in "Devices and printers" will no longer have a Yellow Cone, and "Device Manager" will no longer have an un-associated device with no device driver.

The Key thing is the "Windows Mobile-based device support 6.1" which has been de-supported and Microsoft has removed the download install packages from its home websites. This was the replacement in Windows Vista for ActiveSync for Mobile devices like iPods, iPads, iPhones, Windows Mobile devices and Android devices. (2007)

The final install packages are archived all over the Internet.