Lumanate and PowerDirector 20.0 and 10.0

It seems the Cyberlink (from Taiwan) PowerDirector program can capture with some of the Lumanate sourced video capture devices.

So far I've found the Angel I and II and Wave USB video capture devices do capture and with sound.

The performance and ease of use for Capture seems much better than the software that was called out as compatible.

Cyberlink removed or hid the Capture feature in later versions of their PowerDirector program, but its prominently displayed in earlier editions. Not all capture devices work with PowerDirector.. but a lot more than I expected.

Since PD spans from Windows XP to Windows 7 and up to Windows 10, there is a chance that it would be a very good long term source of at least an MPEG2/4 capture program. And it does seem to capture AVI with some devices I have tried. It is not perfect.. but its really nice to find an alternative.

I am not sure how it compares to Adobe Premiere or FinalCut Pro but compatibility with a number of brands of capture cards is desirable.

Compared to VirtualDub and OBS it fills a niche between bare bones and something targeted for streaming.