Kangaroo PC, downgrade to Win8.1

Kangaroo PC 2GB/32GB comes with Win10, if you want to downgrade it to Windows 8.1 here's how to do that. The KPC is Secure boot by default, so first power up and press F2 to get into UEFI and disable Secure Boot. (as always you accept full risk for this, you need a valid windows 8.1 license key, and you could brick the thing.. so consider the consequences)

1. Shrink the existing Win10 x64 partition using the Disk Management tool

2. Prepare a Fat32 UEFI bootable USB stick with Win8.1 x64 and insert it into the USB2.0 slot

3. On power up, press F10 to get to the Kangaroo boot menu, it will recognize the USB stick as bootable

4. Create a new partition and install to the free space, ignore the preference for more than 10GB storage

5. Download the SC_CHT_Win8.1_x64_Drivers_01282016.zip Atom CherryTrail-T driver pack from Intel

6. Extract it on to a USB stick and insert it into the USB2.0 slot

7. Run Setup.exe to install all the drivers and reboot

All of the devices should be found and installed.

Classic Shell can make the user interface more familar for some people.

Logitech M557 (12 mos batt life) Bluetooth Mouse pairs, reconnects after sleep quite well.

The Fingerprint reader is also supported and merely requires using the -
[ PC Settings ] [Accounts] [Sign-in options] [Fingerprint] wizard to take a few scans of one or more fingerprints to serve as your password when logging in.

Personally I also prefer to use Palemoon x32 (instead of Firefox) since the user interface is simpler and predates that of the Australias change yet still runs many of the popular Add-ons such as UblockOrigin and Fireshot.

Minitool partition manager can perform an offline delete, move and resize of the Windows10 and Windows 8 partitions if you find you don't need Windows 10. VisualBCD can clean up the boot menu such that it only boots into reFind or Windows 8.

Irfan viewer and MPC-HC x64 are also nice lightweight replacements for some of the heavier, slower native offerings.