Active Directory, stripping a domain of domain controllers

A nice script for force-ably removing all domain controllers from a domain except for the domain controller on which this powershell script is run:

Isolate Domain Controller for Test Domain 

Script  cleans up MetaData, and deletes DNS records

Script does not delete computer objects

Script does not delete NS records for some zones, it could be more thorough

A nice script for removing Site replication links, Subnets, and Sites within a domain

Script Active Directory Replication PowerShell Module 2.01

Script isn't perfect, Description can be changed to Name to select Links, Subnets and Sites

Script depends on a derived Module which has a bug in the Remove-ADSite function, which is easily fixed by comparing to the version 1.0 (you need version 2.01 if your running powershell version 3.0) and reverting the function code.

The scenario in which you would use these is when your testing a backup of one domain controller and need to remove all of the other domains controllers that are not being restored.

The GUI  tools and CLI tools available are notoriously difficult to use.

Minimal automation in the GUI tools has been applied to ease the pain if you have more than a handful of domain controllers.

These scripts simplify and run much faster than manually navigating and clicking with a mouse, or manually stepping through myriad number of tiered command line menus.