Life, What have I been doing lately

Took a trip to West, TX to view Stars and Galaxies through a really big Telescope.

Shot over to Vancouver, Canada hopped from the Downtown area to the North Shore via SeaBus, trekked up and down and around several mountains. Then took a sea plane to Victoria, B.C. and a Ferry to Seattle.. and then home again.

Attended a small conference on Tape versus Disk technology, Archive and Retention Policies in Houston.

Deployed a Federated Shibboleth authentication system in an HA configuration with the TAMU Federation.

Working on a Powershell Script to automate stripping a Domain restored from a Disk to Disk backup system in a NAT'ted VM test enviornment, then booting from the backup images to test the domain backups.

Playing with USB OTG media management on Android and powered OTG hub technologies.

Evaluating porting Linux USB 3.0 support to iPXE... there's a lot of demand for it.