Teamviewer, Speeding up Video

# Teamviewer (remote web session) connecting to a host appears slow and barely responsive

on W7 and W2008r2, some graphics chips like the G200E will not perform well with hardware acceleration enabled, on W8, W2012r2, hardware acceleration is automatically disabled for the duration of an RDP or Web session and re-enabled after the session terminates

to disable video hardware acceleration manually on W7 or W2008r2, read on

note: you cannot do this while connected using RDP, you  can  do this while connected using Teamviewer, or while standing in front of the server using the local video console (or using iLO), RDP will [grey out] the link to disable the option (counter-intuitive uselessness.. )

# On the remote (session server) right click on the desktop, select "Screen resolution" 

# "Advanced settings", "Troubleshoot", "Change settings"

# Change the hardware acceleration from "Full" to "None", click "Ok"