Coldfusion on Linux, Too many open Files

if your 

# /opt/coldfusion9/logs/cfserver.log

file is filling up quite suddenly

it might be because the jvm is dependent on the operating system for opening files

the operating system has a global limit

a typical CF9 server runs this many open files idle:

lsof -c coldfusion | wc -l 

the user account the jvm process runs under has a user limit 

(if the user account your coldfusion server runs under is called 'coldfusion' you can checkit by 'switch user' to that account, if it is a different account like apache or httpd, you can 'switch user' to that account and run the following commands)

# su - coldfusion

this will list the "hard" limit 

# ulimit -Hn 

this will list the "soft" limit 

# ulimit -Sn 

 you can raise the limit for an account by: 

# vi /etc/security/limits.conf

add lines:

coldfusion nofile 65536
coldfusion nofile 65536

or raise them for everyone: 

* nofile 65536
* nofile 65536

you will probably have to restart the jvm process running the jrun severlet container holding the coldfusion process, or just reboot the server to make sure it gets the new more liberal restrictions