Windows 2008r2, Powershell resuming a Service

The  Event Viewer  in Windows can start a  Task Scheduler  job when a specific  Windows log  entry is detected. The Powershell command language supports 'horizontal' line command scripting as well as 'vertical' line command scripting. So this can be encapsulated into a single line of instructions.

For example:

Start > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer

will start an instance of the Event Viewer discovery program focused on the (Local) binary logs

the categories down the vertical navigation panel to the Left generally indicate the source of a notification, Application (user), Security (kernel), System (system)

the levels in the central panel indicating "severity" more descriptive "source" and specific "event"

right-clicking an event and selecting "Attach Task To This Event"

will open a [Create Basic Task Wizard] window and create a Task Scheduler entry

the Action can be set to :

where the [Add arguments (optional):] field can be used to pass a 'horizonal' command line script

-command &{Start-Sleep -s 50; Restart-Service -displayname "StorageCraft ImageManger"}

in this case the script dictates to enter a sleep cycle for 50 seconds then peform a restart of a registered operating system service daemon with a displayname "StorageCraft ImageManager"

the actual "displaynames" of registered service processes can be obtained from a powershell prompt using the "get-service" command "let" or cmdlet, the displayname is not the same thing as the running process name