422 Capture Blackmagic Intensity Extreme on XP using Thunderbolt

Not the easiest chain to put together.

But yes. There is a laptop brand and model with a Thunderbolt port, that fully supports Windows XP 32 bit.

And a BlackMagic Designs Intensity Extreme (Thunderbolt) with a version of Desktop Video and Media Express which works on Windows XP and installs a 32 bit device driver in XP for Audio and Video capture on Windows XP.

This kind of gives me "ideas" about how to create an Auxilary "Crossbar Control" that is independent of the DirecShow device drivers.. but can also help toggle bits that the normal DirectShow Control Panels do not. Pinnacle "Marvin" device usb-500, usb-700, usb-510, usb-710 come  to mind.

The old ATI TV Wonder 2.0N also is a possibility. USBSnoopy and USBRobot can bring over the 32 bit device driver to the 64 bit space, but then the DirectShow model doesn't fit. I'm not sure of the entire path.. but it gives me ideas.

In any event, the Intensity Extreme (Thunderbolt) under XP works.

However.. like all other platforms, to get it working you must first visit the Control Panel and use the BlackMagic Control Applet to manually set the Input and Signal format. (Not through the DirectShow device driver control panels.. they do not work!)

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 does not seem to have a problem using the Intensity Extreme after its setup. But there is some Audio device strangeness. It can record Video, it can't record Audio and it can't make clips after the capture. - So effectively only  BM Media Express can create .avi capture files with both audio and video captures.. which is very good.

 I only tested Component and S-Video inputs, and with a good signal, they are on par with one another. Crisp solid and invariant. 

I also tested with VirtualDub 1.9.11 - 32 bit, it works flawlessly. Captures audio and video.