Win Task, email the results

There are a couple of ways of sending email from Windows 2008r2 or Windows 2012r2.

Both depend on whats inherently available with the operating system.

Windows 2008r2 included an email function built-into WinTask, but it also imposed a limitation on email "From:" to be only from the username that executed the task, hence that account had to have a mailbox or it would generically error out befuddling the hapless administrator.

Windows 2012r2 removed the email function citing security concerns and the availablility of a email function in the powershell toolbox as the preferred method for emailing.

This demonstration will show how to use both, when triggered by the ending of another WinTask script.. which can be monitored by process "WinTask name" using a custom XML trigger for its criteria.

... to be continued