Diamond GameCaster 1500 - working with OBS


The Diamond GC1500 is a  Fujitsu H5x hardware encoder chip based h.264 video capture device for HDMI and YPbPr video signals and HDMI embedded or Unbalanced Line In RCA red and white input jacks.

It offically comes with an Optical ROM with software drivers and capture software for recording or streaming.

However the Diamond website released a customized version of OBS Studio that supported the device.

When installed the custom driver appears as "HD Video Capture Device" and during install it throws up a warning asking if the signing entity of the device driver "KWorld Computer Co. Ltd" is trusted?

It is a 64 bit device driver and does install on Windows 7 x64 using Troubleshooting Compatibility Mode. It is detected as Window XP SP2 compatible.

The OBSKit.zip has a problem in that it both appears to be a distribution from a GIT hub repository, and has lingering traces of very long filename dot prefix files which interfere with normal installation. Compounded by .DS and other dot prefix files normally associated with Apple Mac systems.. if these are in place the installers will not work correctly and will choke, and when attempting to start OBS64.exe or OBS32.exe it will report .coreaudio or many other dot "prefix" files are not compatible with this operating system. The loaders scan the directories and assume they are all Windows files when they are version tags for other files and meta data for the Apple Mac HFS file system.

These extra files are by default "hidden" by the File view settings under Windows for Folder Explorer.

You open a Windows Folder Explorer windows, briefly tap the [ALT] key to get the old extended menu of options layered above the normal [Organize Open Share Burn New Folder] options menu ribbon.

[File Edit View Tools Help]

[Tools -Folder options...] then [View (tab)]

Under [Hidden files and folders] check the Radio button for "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" and the dot files will appear, you can select and delete them, now everything will pretty much work as expected.

Do Not - install a vanilla OBS Studio install , it will be unable to see the device or make use of its output, the OBSKit.zip is very specific to the Diamond GC1500 video capture device.

When opening the OBS64.exe it may already have a video capture device preconfigured.

Most of the defaults are okay, but the audio settings can make or break a capture setting.

Setting it to - "Use custom audio device" will stop the video

It is not possible that I can see to play audio during capture Preview simultaneous with capture.

This may be a concession however since the device was meant to work over USB2.0 and simultaneous playback and recording with USB2.0 can produce too many interrupts to reliably capture audio in sync and playback in sync without overloading the system and eventually loosing audio video sync.

Instead, use the HDMI pass thru feature to "Monitor" the video on a separate playback device like an HDMI monitor or TV.. and you will be able to experience audio and video in sync.

The capture device however needs to remain in [Audio Output Mode ] -[ Capture audio only ]

Recordings are very smooth over USB3.0 and presumably a USB2.0 port, and will produce flv or mp4 files with h.264 encoding and AAC LC audio.

The documentation on using "Custom" OBS with GC1500 is very sparse.. the reputation of the Game Capture device is not great.. I think because the of the language barrier and poor documentation in bringing this to market. But the device is very good. Several capture devices were built on this framework of chips.

This device seems rather rare compares to earlier EMPIA GC500 models or the similar H5x GC1000 models and very different from the standalone flash and streaming P GC2000 models