Playing audio from Adobe Audition 4.0 - Through Bluetooth Headphones while in the Editor

Adobe Audition 4.0 is part of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 - if you open an audio file and hit the playback button in Windows 7 the Levels will move and it will appear to playback, but no audio will be heard from the Bluetooth connected headphones.

You can make the audio playback by manually changing the Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware

Default Output: 

< from: Bluetooth Headphones (2- Bluetooth Audio) >

< to: Bluetooth Headset (2-Bluetooth Audio) >

This will trigger a Pop up warning that channel mappings many change, and ask for a confirmation to proceed.

Headphones are normally preferred for audio quality in the playback, but for some reason they do not produce an error, but also do not produce any audio.

Headset "mode" is lower quality and has more dropouts, but at least it works.

Any editing of the audio file will still proceed and save in top quality, and will playback in top quality from other audio playback programs over the normal Bluetooth Headphones setting for the overall system.

I don't pretend to understand what is going on.. but this is a minimal work-around.