Tivo Humax (03-20-2023) DRT800 Pwr Supply, Capacitor List

Replaced the capacitors in the Power Supply with these, proactively, some were swelling, but Tivo Humax DRT800 was still working.


This was a lot more capacitors, but they looked in much worse shape than before. Clear signs of bulging and heat stress. Removing the white (charred) stabilizing caulk around the caps holding them or attaching them to the PC board took a lot of effort. I had to use a dental pick like tool to gradually and carefully chip away at the compound.

Finally got it done however. I took a pic of the main filtering capacitor.. but don't have that pic handy right now. This power supply seems common between the DRT800 and DRT400, not entirely certain yet.. I have a DRT400 I plan to proactively re-cap as well.. its caps look even worse than the DRT800. 

Seems the older and further back in time I go with my Tivos the worse off the capacitors are.. most are Capxon or OST.. I'm sticking to mostly replacing with Nippon and Rubycon.