Blackmagic Designs H.264 Pro recorder - getting it to Work on Windows 7


It works good, but.

Desktop Video 10.5.4 is the preferred version for the last of the Blackmagic Designs Desktop Video  Updates that will install without problems on  Windows 7.

After this time they stopped signing the drivers properly for installing to Windows 7 x64.

Overriding and attempting to use later versions of Desktop Video to install still results in Code 10 unable to start. It is (not) a "did you install all updates" problem. It is (not) a SHA2 (sha256) problem. Disabling Integrity Checks and Test Signing mode do not work. 

Stick with 10.5.4

H.264 Pro will (not) appear in the [ Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility ]. The Decklink or Shuttles devices will appear in the [ Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility ].

H.264 Pro (will) appear in Windows Device Manager, but will not appear as a device when opening "Media Express"

This is a symptom of the "firmware" on the H.264 Pro not matching that required for the Desktop Video 10.5.4 version .. and thus the firmware necessary for "Media Express" to "see" the device.

In later versions of "Desktop Video" the state of the firmware on the device will be automatically Updated to match that needed by the "Desktop Video" and the tools like "Media Express" that comes with it.

But not for "Desktop Video 10.5.4"

Instead you must manually open the following path in Windows Explorer;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackmagic Design\Blackmagic Desktop Video

And manually run "BMDStreamingServer.exe" by clicking on it.

An audible unplug and plug "sound" will take place, and then a dialog box will pop open and Ask for Permission to Update the firmware on this device, after allowing it to take place, it will then inform you the Update is complete and require you to unplug and plug the USB cable in again.

The device will re-install the windows device driver and appear in Device Manager as before.

The device "will (not)" appear in "Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility" - this is normal.

After the firmware update the device (will) appear under the available [Device] menu option in "Media Express" - it will be [greyed out] as long as "Media Express" is open to the default "Playback" tab, but it will be listed as [ H.264 Pro Recorder ], when clicking on the [Log and Capture] tab it will now be listed in a dark bold font as an available device under the [Devices] menu option.

The device use a (Special) [Media Express > Edit > Preferences > Quality] button to change the "Encoder" bit rate.

The device uses the same (Special)[Media Express > Edit >Preferences] dialog window to choose "Project Video Format"

While in "Media Express" the default tab is "Playback" - Live H.264 video will not appear in the Preview window... while the playback tab is selected.

Choosing the "Media Express" [Log and Capture] tab should start a Preview of the video being capture by the device even before the capture has begun.

While the "Media Express" application window does (not) have focus, Audio cannot be heard, even while Video is being played in the Preview. Simply "touch" the "Media Express" application window frame and you should be able to hear audio playback while the Video Preview is running. When the windows frame looses focus the audio will go silent.

The Audio Inputs to the H.264 Pro are not Consumer line levels, they are Professional, you may have to turn up the Volume to maximum to "hear" any Audio that is being captured, even while in Preview mode. 

A pro-level converting amplifier maybe needed to externally match the audio levels before submitting them to the H.264 Pro Recorder for capture, there are no audio boost or amplification features built into the device.