SONY Vegas YUV playback in Windows Media Player 12

Basically a work around is rename the file extensions from .avi to .mpg and it plays.

I'm not sure why this works, if you try to playback the SONY Vegas YUV ( UYVY 16 bit Uncompressed Video ) as it captures to a file with extension .avi it plays with a grey overlay and vertical lines through the image.. its not really viewable. 

I think the Microsoft YUV codec doesn't support this format.. but I (guess) renaming it to a wrong extension like .mpg and forcing it to be interpreted by a different codec sends it down a different graphbuilder path that eventually finds a codec that can handle it.

MediaInfo seems reasonable.. but I wonder if its the 16 bit versus 10 bit video encoding. I think the Microsoft msyuv.dll only handles 10 bit.