How to Turn Bluetooth Radio Back on, How to Bring the Bluetooth Systray Icon Back


How to Re-Enable Bluetooth Radio when its disabled
and the Bluetooth Systray Icon disappears
or fails to appear on Reboot

1. Open > Control Panel
2. Double click on "Bluetooth Devices" < NOTE: "Devices not Settings"
3. Open "Tools" Menu, go to the last option called "Bluetooth Settings"
4. On the "General Tab" < the Default when opening "Bluetooth Settings"
5. [Checkbox] the Empty [_] "Turn Bluetooth Radio On"
6. Click "Apply"
7. Click "OK"

How to Restore the "Bluetooth System Tray" Applet Configuration Icon

1. Mouse to the "System Tray"
2. Right Click on a Systray Blank area to get "Properties"
3. Click on "Customize notification icons
4. Uncheck box [_] "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar"
5. Find the "Csr Bluetooth TrayApplication / CSR Bluetooth"
6. Change the Behaviors to "Show icon and notifications" (not) "Only show notifications"
7. Recheck the  [_] "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar"
8. Click "OK"
9. Click "OK" to dismiss both windows
A. At least Logoff and Login to refresh the System Tray Applet Icons
B. Reboot for good effect and to initialize a proper startup order of Radio and System Tray startup