Windows 7, Notepad++, fixing drag and drop, right click, default to open


Problem Unable to Drag and Drop

  fundamentally this is a "security" problem  

Fix  - make sure it is not started [as Administrator] < this  "Prevents" Drag and Drop Open File 

Fix  - open shortcut > Compatibility [tab] (uncheck) the box at the bottom Privlege Level:  
[ Run this program as an administrator ]

Fix  - open shortcut > Shortcut [tab] : Advanced (button) (uncheck) the box  
[ Run as administrator ]

Problem Unable to Right Click, Open "with"

> Choose to open [txt] files in Notepad++ > Using right click (Open with)
(Notepad++ does not appear as a choice)

 > Choose default program... > Recommended Programs >
(Notepad++ "selection" does not "stick")

> Choose default program... > Other Programs >
(Notepad++ does not appear)

> Choose default program... > Other Programs > Browse to > C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
(Notepad++ does not work)

  fundamentally this is a "missing" registry entry [program capable of..] registration issue, its managed by the program itself and isn't "set up automatically" during install  

Fix  - open Notepad++ : Settings : Preferences : File Associations : Supported Extensions : Notepad > "Select" .txt  then [Move to >] Registered Extensions [box] then Close