HP SIM, sending WBEM test indications

Once a sytem is setup for monitoring within Systems Insight Manager, it will usually have a copy of the Systems Managment Homepage (SMH) service installed.

This is a webpage user interface for accessing data from the HP WBEM providers/agents for intiating various tasks and applications to assist in the mangement and monitoring of the server.

The address for the webpage is usually https://localhost:2381 or https://<name or ip address for host>:2381 (if it is accessible through the hosts firewall).

From the top menu:

Settings >> Test Indication >> Send Test Indication

From here you can select a Type of indication which will use the WBEM subscription between the HP SIM instance and this server to send the equivalent of an SNMP Trap to the HP SIM mangement server.

Including a a lot of useful information in the HP SIM Event which is logged.

Equally there is a GUI tool available from the command line or the Start Menu

C:\Program Files\HPWBEM\Tools\HPWbemTestEvent.exe

The corresponding WMI command line tool is wmic.exe:

And example of how to send a WBEM test indication is:

C:\wmic /namespace:\\root\hpq  Path  HP_WinComputerSystem where Caption="afs00-2.agnet.tamu.edu" CALL  SendTestIndication TestIndicationID=101

The following will log an event to the Windows Operating System Event Log, but it will not generate a WMI Indication to be forwarded as a WBEM Indication. As such it is merely "interesting" and offered for completeness.

C:\> eventcreate /t {information|warning|error} /id {1|2|3} /l system /d "This is an Informational Test Event."

For example:

C:\> eventcreate /t information /id 1 /l system /d "This is an Informational Test Event."