HP SIM, disabling obscure SNMP Alerts

HP SIM classifies certain SNMP Traps as "Critical" which can get caught up and forwarded as email notifications of questionable value.

Sometimes when searching for their relevance and meaning on HP Forums the meaning is either obscure, or not even remembered by the staff who wrote the software.

In such cases its easier to "find the SNMP Trap" classification within HP SIM and change it to a category that gets "classified" as something that will not be treated as "Critical" and therefore spare the administrative staff of obscure "Critical" alerts.

Here's an example:

Note: "In this case" while the relevance "seems" Critical, a well known bug in the firmware for multiple iLO generations of firmware revealed it was a false indication of the actual state.. so it was not useful, it was in fact wrong. A false indication can effectively "blind" the System Admin and be more harmful than simply turning it off.

SIM > Options > Events >SNMP Trap Settings… >

SNMP Trap Settings



(SNMP) The iLO NIC Link is Down (9015)

The iLO NIC Link is Down. The Remote Insight/Integrated Light-Out firmware has detected the loss of network link.

[Severity: Critical] > "change this to" > [Severity: Informational]