Windows 2012 NFS, why its not usable

I posted a comment and updated it sometime ago on why the  Windows 2012 Server NFS services option comes up short, when actually trying to use it.

Windows 2012 NFS Service - not quite what's expected

Basically it does not "honor" nor "implement" [NFS Client] assignment of user and group permissions and their propagation. This is somewhat a serious issue, and because the documentation is so very poor on the subject matter at Microsoft. It tends to waste a lot of peoples time uninstalling and searching out a replacement. To be accurate the problem is with the Microsoft product not with clients that attempt to use it.

I discussed the possible reasons "why" they chose not to implement [Full] NFSv3 functionality.. and more or less (mostly not more) implement a derivative protocol which might be loosely "like" Sun Microsystems NFSv4. But is really just an excuse for an unfinished and intractable "problem" with NFSv4.. which most vendors do not strictly try to implement.

As it is.. it remains for all intents practically "Useless". It doesn't even offer the functionality of a plain SMB or CIFS mount.

The only response from Microsoft after a cursory look at the problem, was Microsoft Private Consultant services would have to address the issue. Surprising for such a wide ranging and broadly exposed "feature" in their product.

I don't fault them for failing, but I do fault them for misleading that this is an "NFS service" simply.. it is not a usable NFS service period. At most it is NFS read-only shares.